Centers & Institutes

College of Medicine Centers and Institutes

Center for Addiction Research & Education Marieta Heaton, PhD
Center for Epigenetics Thomas Yang, PhD
Center for Immunology & Transplantation Michael Clare-Salzler, MD
Center for Inflammation & Mucosal Immunology Mansour Mohamadzadeh, PhD
Center for Movement Disorders & Neurorestoration Michael Okun, MD
Center for NeuroGenetics (CNG) Laura Ranum, PhD
Center for Neuropsychological Studies Kenneth M. Heilman, MD
Center for Research in Pediatric Immune Deficiency Maureen Goodenow, PhD
Center for Research on Perinatal Outcomes R. Stan Williams, MD
Center for Spirituality & Health Louis Ritz, PhD
Center for Structural Biology Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, PhD
Center for Translational Research in Neurodegenerative Disease David Borchelt, PhD
Center for Vision Research Mark B. Sherwood, MD
Child Health Research Institute Scott A. Rivkees, MD
Craniofacial Center Donald J. Fillipps, MD
Hypertension Center Charles Wood, PhD
Institute for Child Health Policy Elizabeth Shenkman, PhD
Institute for Therapeutic Innovation George Drusano, MD
Institute for Wound Research Gregory Schultz, PhD
Interdisciplinary Center for Musculoskeletal Training & Research Thomas Wright Jr, MD
Myology Institute H. Lee Sweeney, PhD
Powell Gene Therapy Center Barry Byrne, MD, PhD
Preston A. Wells, Jr. Brain Tumor Therapy Center William Friedman, MD & Duane Mitchell, MD, PhD
Sepsis and Critical Illness Center Lyle Moldawer, PhD & Frederick Moore, MD
The H. James Free Center for Primary Care Education & Innovation Robert Hatch, MD
UF Diabetes Institute Mark Atkinson, PhD
UF Health Cancer Center Jonathan Licht, MD
UF Informatics Institute George Michailidis, PhD
UF Prostate Disease Center Li-Ming Su, MD
Wilder Center for Epilepsy Research (WCER) Michael Okun, MD
William R. Maples Center for Forensic Medicine (COM/CLAS) Bruce Goldberger, PhD

UF/HSC Centers and Institutes

Clinical & Translational Science Institute David Nelson, MD
Emerging Pathogens Institute J. Glenn Morris, Jr, MD, MPH
Institute on Aging Marco Pahor, MD
Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research Robert Ferl, PhD
McKnight Brain Institute Todd Golde, MD, PhD
UF Genetics Institute Patrick Concannon, PhD

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