NIH Changes Biosketch & Other Support forms: Enforcement Date January 25, 2022

NIH has announced changes to the Biosketch and Other Support forms.  The changes are described in NOT-OD-21-073 and a new enforcement date was announced in NOT-OD-21-110.

UF is asking researchers to DELAY USE of the new Other Support forms until such time as additional education and guidance can be provided.  We will be providing updated guidance as we can, but ask that until the University can provide clear implementation definitions, that UF researchers continue using the old Other Support format and instructions.

The changes to the Biosketch are more clear and UF is supportive of any researcher who wants to use the new format effective immediately.  Guidance about the changes is listed below.  More details are available at UF’s web page:  At the University of Florida, all key persons on NIH proposals attest to the accuracy of all documents provided as part of a proposal submission within the SFI certification in UFIRST.


If you choose to update your Biosketch to the new format, please note the following changes:

  • Clarification that ALL positions and appointments must be included in Section B.  Specifically, “…all positions and scientific appointments both domestic and foreign, including affiliations with foreign entities or governments. This includes titled academic, professional, or institutional appointments whether or not remuneration is received, and whether full-time, part-time, or voluntary (including adjunct, visiting, or honorary).This section has been renamed to “Positions, Scientific Appointments and Honors”. All positions and appointments must be listed in reverse chronological order.
  • Removal of Section D, Research Support (for non-Fellowship applications only).  Information desired relevant from ongoing and completed research projects in the past three years that the person desires to include can be included in the Personal Statement, Section A.

For additional guidance, NIH instructions and FAQs are located at: Non-Fellowship Biosktech.

Other Support

Most notable changes to the Other Support requirements are:

  • Addition of a new In-Kind Resources Section where researchers will report resources such as unpaid collaborations, persons working on the project not paid by the lab (scholars paid by home institutions), and unique materials and equipment in the laboratory but not used on this project. (Materials & equipment used on the project for which Other Support is being submitted should be in the application Facilities & Resources Section).
  • Clarification that any consulting related to research be included in the Other Support
  • Requirement that the researcher electronically sign their Other Support documents attesting to their completeness and accuracy.
  • Requirement that copies of any contracts related to foreign appointments and/or employment with a foreign institution for all foreign activities and resources that are reported in Other Support be submitted to NIH

UF will be providing additional information including checklists, education and additional guidance before expectation that any investigator or researcher use the new format.

For questions, please contact Stephanie Gray at or Amber Hardie at