COM Bridge Funding Program

The College of Medicine bridge funding program is designed for researchers who have an unexpected gap in their NIH research funding portfolio. It is open to full-time COM-Gainesville faculty members who have submitted an application to the NIH and received a score within 20 percentile points of the Institute’s funded percentile. Applicants must have a scored, pending application in the most recent cycle to be eligible for this program.

To be considered, please submit the following via email to

  1. The budget pages for the final year of the previously funded grant.
  2. Agency contract number and name of the unfunded grant.
  3. Amount of bridge funding requested (maximum of $50K) and the allocation (personnel, equipment maintenance or service contracts, supplies, etc…).
  4. Requested start and end dates for bridge support (maximum of one year).
  5. Copy of the unfunded grant application and the scientific reviews/scores from the study section.
  6. The anticipated schedule for reapplication.
  7. A letter from the PI’s Chair indicating the amount of departmental matching funds and support from other funds.