College of Medicine Dean’s Seminar Series

Sponsored by the Joseph & Leila Applebaum Visiting Professorship

This endowment, funded by the Joseph and Leila Applebaum Foundation in 1993, enables the College of Medicine to invite leading researchers and clinicians to serve as a scholar in residence each year. The individuals selected provides valuable expertise in his or her field of discipline, presenting appropriate lectures and seminars to faculty and students.

Upcoming Seminars:

Past Guest Lecturers:

Year Nominated Professor From
2012 Michael A. Caligiuri, MD Ohio State
  Shoji Tsuji, Ph.D. University of Tokyo
  Nahum Sonenberg, Ph.D. McGill University
2011 James Hickman, PhD University of Central Florida
  Stanley Hazen, MD, PhD Center for Cardiovascular Diagnostics & Prevention
2010 Eric Bouffet, MD University of Toronto
2009 David Lomas, PhD Cambridge University
2008 Julie Ingelfinger, MD Harvard University
  Dan Goldowitz, PhD University of British Columbia
2007 David Harrison, MD Emory University
2004 Carl D’Orsi, M.D Emory University
2003 Guy Zimmerman, MD University of Utah
2002 David Herndon, MD University of Texas